Happiness is waking up on a new day, your money is not devalued overnight,

the raspberry pecan roll is still eighty-eight cents a piece,
you can still make your mortgage payment,
for a place you call home,
where you have the arms of loved ones to come back to.

Happiness is after a full day of research,
you feel hungry,
and foolish,
just as Mr. Jobs advised.

There is a place
where writers do not send their works abroad to seek publishing;
where the sight of police does not make you tremble;

where the rich do not have to worry about kidnapping;
the poor wont have their last bread taken away.

Happiness is when days go by as usual.
The boys and girls glued to their phones as usual,
the old folks talk about dentures as usual.
the Chinese restaurant is still called “Thailand Cafe”,
the ambulances rushing down the traffic as usual.

When the night comes down,
The street lamps light up.

If you are that kid who is thinking about quitting high school,
or the woman who is tired of your spouse;
if you are mad at the world,
or pained by the discomforts of going to the bathroom that comes with aging,
there is someone holding your hand,
listening to you.

Happiness is knowing the person you said “goodbye” to in the morning,
will come back in the evening,


Sock Prayer Flags.

Sock Prayer Flags. (Photo credit: knitting iris)

and smelly.
Socks kicked under the chair,
as usual.


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