A good writer has a good ear, he/she can hear the unique ways different speak, how they talk, how they breathe, how they pause.

August Wilson

August Wilson (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Quiz of the day: where is this amazing monologue from?

Rose, I done tried all my life to live decent . . . to live a clean . . . hard . . . useful life. I tried to be a good husband to you. In every way I knew how. Maybe I come into the world backwards, I don’t know. But . . . you born with two strikes on you before you come to the plate. You got to guard it closely . always looking for the curve ball on the inside corner. You can’t afford to let none get past you. You can’t afford a call strike. If you going down. . . you going down swinging. Everything lined up against you. What you gonna do? I fooled them, Rose. I bunted. When I found you and Cory and a halfway decent job. I was safe. Couldn’t nothing touch me. I wasn’t gonna strike out no more. I wasn’t going back to the penitentiary. I wasn’t gonna lay in the streets with a bottle of wine. I was safe. I had me a family. A job. I wasn’t gonna get that last strike. I was on first looking for one of them boys to knock me in. To get me home.



Where is this monologue from?

Niels Bohr and Albert Einstein. The picture wa...

Niels Bohr and Albert Einstein. The picture was taken at Ehrenfest’s home in Leiden, the occasion was most likely the 50th anniversary of Hendrik Lorentz’ doctorate (December 11, 1925). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

“Germany is where I was born.
Germany is where I became what I am.
Germany is all the faces of my childhood,
all the hands that picked me up when I fell,
all the voices that encouraged me and set me on my way,
all the hearts that speak to my heart.
Germany is my widowed mother and my impossible brother.
Germany is my wife.
Germany is our children.
“I have to know what I am deciding for them!
Is it another defeat?
Another nightmare like I grew up with?
Bohr, my childhood in Munich came to an end in anarchy and civil war.
Are more children going to starve as we did?
Are they going to have to spend winter nights
as I did when I was a schoolboy,
crawling on my hands and knees through enemy lines,
creeping out into the country under the cover of darkness in the snow
 to find food for my family?
And maybe I’m choosing something worse even than defeat.
Because the bomb they’re building is to be used on us.”