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Niels Bohr and Albert Einstein. The picture wa...

Niels Bohr and Albert Einstein. The picture was taken at Ehrenfest’s home in Leiden, the occasion was most likely the 50th anniversary of Hendrik Lorentz’ doctorate (December 11, 1925). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

“Germany is where I was born.
Germany is where I became what I am.
Germany is all the faces of my childhood,
all the hands that picked me up when I fell,
all the voices that encouraged me and set me on my way,
all the hearts that speak to my heart.
Germany is my widowed mother and my impossible brother.
Germany is my wife.
Germany is our children.
“I have to know what I am deciding for them!
Is it another defeat?
Another nightmare like I grew up with?
Bohr, my childhood in Munich came to an end in anarchy and civil war.
Are more children going to starve as we did?
Are they going to have to spend winter nights
as I did when I was a schoolboy,
crawling on my hands and knees through enemy lines,
creeping out into the country under the cover of darkness in the snow
 to find food for my family?
And maybe I’m choosing something worse even than defeat.
Because the bomb they’re building is to be used on us.”


Eyes on the night

Eyes on the night (Photo credit: matley0)

We walked along the empty beach,
Pelicans and bright winter sun.
I look up into the sky,
There is no crack, but I can hear the drum.
Heart’s beating, I glanced at you,
your eyes bright and deep,
after all the years
that had gone through.
I am the sum of a thousand pieces,
some of them I left with you.
The wave marks the sand, until another comes again,
but the sand remembers one particular mark,
savor it now and then.

Sunset and you

Your voice so close to me,
Soft and low.
If you are hurting,
Can you let me know.
I dare not look at your eyes,
how deep and how they glow,
the years have flown by,
you sound tired,
I want to give you a hug,
but I cannot do so.
How many times have I thought of this moment,
and words that would flow.
But now I can only look away,
talking about mutual friends,
since a long time ago.
English: Sunset at Kalpeni.

English: Sunset at Kalpeni. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Yard Sale

A yard sale she walked by, on a sunny afternoon, September day.
Saucers and toys, books and chairs, The hands of time, the slices of life.

Among them she found a doll, golden hair and princess dress,
vivid details, a work of art. She smiled and said to herself, I gotta have this.

She is a woman in her fifties, an artist, a poet. Is it strange that one  who is in mid-ages collects dolls; or is it natural, that what catches our eyes, tells that which is lost and cherished.

“twenty dollars,” said the little girl sitting on the steps, the owner of the doll. She added with a smile, “I am gonna use this money to buy a hair straightener.”

The little girl looks eleven or twelve, happy and eager to enter the world, ready to grow up. And there she was, taking bills out of her wallet, to get her childhood back.

All the years between the little girl and the artist,

All the hopes and memories between here and there.

In that golden September sun, on those steps,

They exchanged a most mysterious thing,

called time.

TIME FLIES.....................*

TIME FLIES…………………* (Photo credit: Neal.)


Happiness is waking up on a new day, your money is not devalued overnight,

the raspberry pecan roll is still eighty-eight cents a piece,
you can still make your mortgage payment,
for a place you call home,
where you have the arms of loved ones to come back to.

Happiness is after a full day of research,
you feel hungry,
and foolish,
just as Mr. Jobs advised.

There is a place
where writers do not send their works abroad to seek publishing;
where the sight of police does not make you tremble;

where the rich do not have to worry about kidnapping;
the poor wont have their last bread taken away.

Happiness is when days go by as usual.
The boys and girls glued to their phones as usual,
the old folks talk about dentures as usual.
the Chinese restaurant is still called “Thailand Cafe”,
the ambulances rushing down the traffic as usual.

When the night comes down,
The street lamps light up.

If you are that kid who is thinking about quitting high school,
or the woman who is tired of your spouse;
if you are mad at the world,
or pained by the discomforts of going to the bathroom that comes with aging,
there is someone holding your hand,
listening to you.

Happiness is knowing the person you said “goodbye” to in the morning,
will come back in the evening,


Sock Prayer Flags.

Sock Prayer Flags. (Photo credit: knitting iris)

and smelly.
Socks kicked under the chair,
as usual.


oceania (Photo credit: the|G|™)

At the end of a day of research,  around 5:47pm or so,  I am proud to report to Mr. Jobs that I usually feel VERY hungry and VERY foolish.

Cycling Bike at Night

Cycling Bike at Night (Photo credit: epSos.de)

“If it’s under forty minutes of walk, just walk there; if less than an hour of biking, just bike there. Use your bodily functions. If there is a breathing machine, are you gonna have the machine breathe for you?” —-Said my dad, when I asked him about whether I should drive or take the bus.

Wu Wei

Lao Tzu, traditionally the author of the Tao T...

Lao Tzu, traditionally the author of the Tao Te Ching (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Wu Wei is a fascinating concept in Taoism. It can be loosely translated as “doing, by doing nothing”, expressing that sometimes the best action is non-action. But of course one needs wisdom to tell when to apply this philosophy. If the situation at hand is cleaning the floor, then practicing wu wei may not get you the result that you want.